Shared Web Hosting vs Dedicated Web Hosting- Key Differences

Shared Web Hosting vs Dedicated Web Hosting

Nowadays every organization and individual have their presence online in the form of website. Shared web hosting vs Dedicated web hosting. There are two distinct types of hosting services available via Website hosting service providers.

Shared Web Hosting or Dedicated Web Hosting

Choosing the correct type and the appropriate host is essential decision you need to make. As once decided these decisions will have impacts ,both positive and negative, on your business running online.

First let us understand the difference between shared web hosting vs dedicated web hosting options. In shared web hosting one server is made responsible for running several website at once. All these websites share same group of resources like hard drives, speed, bandwidth etc.

Although it is not apparent for user and this division is kept transparent from them, still the matter of fact is that they are using the shared resources. Where as in exclusive or dedicated web  hosting resources are not shared and all that is available in the dedicated web hosting is yours only.

Obviously dedicated web hosting is way more expensive as compared to its counterpart shared web hosting . But a good analysis will tell you that this extra cost is worth spending considering the advantages there are of being all alone.

The added cost is not the most expensive thing in the world. So you may consider going for the dedicated website hosting, albeit the extra dollar that you need to be paying.

Compromises of the Shared web hosting option:

Cost and limited budget is the single most important reason why people opt for shared web hosting route rather than taking the luxurious dedicated web hosting route. If you are staying in a hotel room all alone or sharing it with anyone, both situations are entirely different.

If sharing you will definitely realize that it is a difficult proposition altogether, be it using the washroom, or turning on or turning off the lamp light.

Everywhere you have to accommodate the other guy. So sharing though considered a great habit in real life, is not a good situation to be in on the world of internet. However, if you are really tight with the budget and not expecting much clients or visitors for the initial period, Shared web hosting service provider can be opinion suitable to your needs.

These days the shared web hosting services are offering tremendous capacity for your content and bandwidth at very nominal charges ranging $1 to $20 each month.

So if good study is done and reputable good service provider is located you may be able to extract maximum benefit even on the shared environment. The general pitfalls of shared web hosting are given below:

Same IP Address for many

As you are not alone running the website on the same server. Therefore you and all other on the server possesse exactly same IP address. Now all of these people are not present online for running genuine business.

Some may be involved in illegal or spamming actions. Such activities happening on an IP may result in blacklisting of the whole IP . So once the IP is crossed out by major resources, your innocent baby will also suffer the consequences. For instance the chief helper of many web users Google, may not show you in its search results.

You don’t like being victimized for a crime that you didn’t commit. Here the role of shared web hosting is very important. Reputable service provider kick out spammers themselves either automatically or using some automated help.

Some hosts may also offer you to have separate IP as well. Though you need it normally for introducing security layer of SSL on your website. So check the reputation of your shared web hosting service providers before acquiring its services for hosting your website.

Dying Response Time

One of the pitfalls of shared web hosting is poor performance. As the same server is fulfilling the processing and data transfer need of all the websites present on it your website’s end user may experience slow response from time to time.

So you will have to face the slowness because of the heavy load of other websites present on your server, or yours hurting others too. Especially during the peak times of usage this declining performance can actually hit you financially as well.

For instance if you are running an ecommerce based website online and your per hours sales is of 100 items. But due to declining speed your website may only be able to serve up to 60 orders only. That is 40% straight loss to your business.

Furthermore this will result in disgruntled customer so sick of your website that they will move on to other websites offering similar services, not to return forever to your poor old portal.

Server Down times

Planned or sudden downtimes may be quite common on shared web hosting services. You may bear the planned ones but these sudden crashes occurring because someone else processed a request that caused the server to crash is totally unbearable.

Again better supervision is required by the host to immediately kill the troubled program. To avoid spreading the impact to all the neighbors. So it may sound repetitive but choosing the right web service provider is a key decision as the proactive supervisor may decrease the occurrence of such events.

So concluding the shared web hosting part. It can be safely said that though the sharing option has in built issues but the right host can maximize your benefits.

Bossing around on Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is an expensive option point. Still many website owners prefer it from shared network due to several reasons. For instance, you are expecting heavy loaf of visitors on your website, you are running a detailed portal, or you are the among the top brands in your area of work, or running a very famous public forum.

However you may not always need to pay your well earned extra dollars if your needs do not demand so. Do not kill sparrow with a cannon (apologies to all vegetarians out there). It is better to judge the advantages and requirement with the disadvantages before being settled with the costly dedicated web hosting.

Cost involved is not just one time payment for the equipments and services. Rather to maintain all this you need to have professional services of experts at your disposal. Benefits of dedicated hosting are given below:

You are god

Not a statement from Friedrich Nietzsche or Dan Brown . But with all the controls in your hand for management, you are god of your website.

You have the freedom to run whatever you want if you are on dedicated web hosting. It can never be the case that service provider does not support a particular language or a software component.

You can have what you want. Furthermore you can decide what hardware and which software you want to keep. Of course this is not an option if your website is running on a shared web hosting environment.

Maximum bandwidth availability

Unlike the shared web hosting, you don’t need to suffer with dying bandwidth due to your ‘roommate’ excessive usage. Server providing the bandwidth is all yours so whatever it has to offer it has to offer for your websites.

Good bandwidth allows your customers and website users to have optimum data transfer rate, hassle free download and uploading ease. You will definitely see a surge of new people and returning customers on your portal compared with shared web hosting.

More Secured

With the liberty to install your own firewall, dedicated web hosting proves more secure compared to shared web hosting. You can yourself decide if you need tight or lose control over your serve. Unlike the standard policy of shared hosting world. Your also have the option of having even daily backups of your data in dedicated hosting upon payment.

Better Performance – shared web hosting vs dedicated web hosting

As the server is only serving your website requests. So whatever request pool is there it consists strictly of the requests of your website. As a result end users on your website experience rapid response, express fast downloading speed. No one hates it.
So clearly dedicated web hosting seem like a better option compared to shared web hosting. But try to identify your real needs. You may consult domain experts presenting them with your expectations. Internet forums are also there to help out in making this crucial decision about shared web hosting vs dedicated web hosting.