Can You Still Make Money From Blogging?

Make Money From Blogging

Make Money From Blogging: So you have heard of blogging and all the stories about people getting insanely rich with just blogging. And you want to know if you can still make money from blogging. Because there are many experts who claim that blogging is no longer viable because the market is so saturated when it comes to blogging.

Well, it is a truth that there are hundreds of thousands of people who make money from blogging. But this will be an oversimplification because blogging is not just about finding a niche, setting up a wordpress blog and posting content and monetize it with Google Adsense. If your focus is limited to this one then it is going to take a lot of time before you will get rich. In fact that time might well be eternity.

Finding a Niche for you Blog

The most important thing is to do a thorough research before you decide what you will blog about. You can read our detailed guide on finding a niche. And secondly you should have a clear plan right from finding the niche step. That how you are going to make money from your blog. If you are prepared to wait for Google to pick up your content which might take many months at least. You can simply post your content on your blog and then wait for mercy of big Google.

Internet Marketing

Social media marketing: However, there is a quicker path too. And that is where you need to learn the real internet marketing. When you have a blog and you are writing quality content, you need to market that content. You need to engage on social media. Market your content there and build relationships with people who might become your source of free or paid traffic.

Paid Traffic: And from paid traffic, I highly suggest that you do not be afraid of investing in paid traffic. Because that is the most scalable and quickest way to test your niche. Unless you really find a goldmine in search engine results.

Build a Email List: The third important thing is to build your list right from the start. Most people make this mistake of starting late on this and they only regret it later on. The truth is most people will leave your website and will never return. So the only way for you to stand a good chance of making them return to your website is to collect their list by offering a free product or something useful to them.  Read our post on why building a list is so important.

Create a own Product

And finally, you can get rich from blogging if you have your own product. You should make it a part of your market research to see if you can create a product around that niche which is better than other products there. And if there is no product and you have a niche, Where people are willing to see value in your product. And willing to spend money to buy your product. Then by all means, you need to have your own product.

So make sure that you are in a niche where you blog about something that is valuable to a reasonable number of people . And those people are willing to find a solution to their problem (which may be lack or information or advice).

So in brief, it is totally possible to make money from blogging. But you need to look at a broader picture and not just at setting up a wordpress blog with some content.