Learning Programming : How to Get Started as a Beginner

Learning Programming

How to Start Learning Programming ? , C Language I say isn’t a good start for anyone. There’s 100 things to it which is exclusive to the language and will slow down the crucial knowledge of what a programming language is.

Types of programming languages

There’s three different main types of programming languages, Event Driven, Object Orientated, and Procedural Programming. C falls into all of these, so it kinda overloads a fresh mind with a ton of crap. It’s like building a house out of sand. You need solid foundations before you can get your head round this stuff.

HTML / CSS >>> PHP >>> vB & Python >>> C Languages.


Learning HTML and CSS I quickly learned the whole Top to Bottom business. (Procedural, while HTML/CSS are NOT programming languages technically.
PHP got me used to the idea of Variables / Arrays / Loops and Functions. The syntax is pretty easy too, once you get your head round the ( ) { } ; . business. This also got me used to the idea of working with other documents, optimizing with functions, and having something generated on request server side, to convert into HTML.

PHP is more procedural and object orientated, events don’t really come into too much (except the receiving of data)… PHP is A-B Runtime… and doesn’t consistently wait for a user input.

Visual Basic keeps the glory of Procedural to degree. Brings in Object Orientation and Relies heavily on events, which is kinda a slap in the face.

C++ language

C/C#/C++ is like Visual Basic in terms of event support. But it’s a much more complicated syntax and requires you to have a thing with functions.
PHP can pretty easy to avoid functions, in C and Python, their mandatory, considering they execute their main function (void main()).

If you have no idea what Variables, Constants, Functions, Array’s, If/Else, Iteration (loops), passing of parameters between functions, data types (integers, strings, doubles), Operators(/ * + – ^ for maths), Includes, Namespaces…. Stay the hell away from C until you do. If you understand C without knowing what these are, your really not going to be a good programmer.

Programming types

Lot’s of languages will use the different types of programming types.
Procedural = Where the script will execute from top to bottom… following a list of instructions so to say.
Event Driven = Code will be executed, and more lines of code can be executed from a user input or an event. Say if button1 is clicked… execute this code… if button2 is mouseovered… executre this code.
Object Orientated = The script relies on a multiple other separate code. Script 1 will include Script 2 and functions in Script 1 will be working of something that was set in Script 2 etc etc.


HTML = Markup Language… it’s not a programming language. But it still procedural of some sort, I guess object orientated too, as you can include other javascripts and stylesheets.
PHP = Procedural and Object orientated… Executes from top to bottom, big applications will be including a global file full of settings.
VB = Object + Events = Can rely on separated documents… Heavy on Events from clicking things in forms.
Python = Procedural + Object + Events = Similar to vB, but there’s more a procedural reliance going on.
C/C++ = P + O + E = Like Python, but not like python. It’s a whole new syntax and logic that if you don’t understand functions, your gonna fail.

How to Get Started

1. Learn HTML
2. Learn PHP + All the Variables, Arrays, Functions, etc
3. Learn something more complicated like Java
4. Once your confident with the whole Vars, Arrays, Functions business… Learn how to compile and how the header, class, and cpp files work… then get to learn the syntax.

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