Improve Your Site Speed for Better SEO and Higher Conversions

Improve Your Site Speed

Improve Your Site Speed: You can build traffic to your website in some different ways if you increase your website’s speed. First of all, Google takes into account the website speed as a quality ranking factor and thus you will get more traffic. And when you increase traffic to your website, you can also expect higher conversion rate. For example, the world’s leading eCommerce website increase their revenue by 5 percent ( that translates into 1 billion dollars) by simply decreasing their page load speed by one second.

So, how do you increase your website’s speed?

Improve Your Site Speed – Subscribe to a Content Distribution Network

A content distribution network or CDN is actually a network of geographically diverse servers that mirror each other. Whenever a user requests to download a file, the CDN ensures that it is downloaded from the nearest geolocated server. For example, consider that there are three different visitors in Germany, USA and Singapore. If you access a server that is hosted in the US then you being in USA will be able to download the file speedier than those in Singapore or Germany. However, with a CDN, the person in Singapore will be able to downlaod the file from a server in Singapore and likewise the browser in Germany will download it from Germany.

The CloudFront from Amazon is an affordable and popular CDN ,and Cloudflare is another poular CDN that provide both Free and Paid versions .

Minify JS and other code

You can remove all the line breaks and spaces from your code when you minify it. Javascript and .CSS files are also merged and downloaded as a single file. There are powerful WordPress plugins that can do this easily and very quickly.

Compress Images

When you use img tags always include the height and width. This means the browser already knows and plans the layout of the page rather than waiting for the content to download. Also use images on your website only after web-optimizing these. This will strip the image of bandwidth consuming and not required header data. And if possible, try to compress your images too. As a general rule of thumb, every image should be below 100kb. You can convert your images to Webp image format , for WordPress based sites , you can use Performance Lab Free wordpress plugin to automatically convert images to WebP format.

Enable Caching

Most of the websites that are present on the internet are dynamic these days. This means that the pages are generated on the fly and not pre-available as static pages on your server. All websites powered by WordPress are dynamic. Similarly, most of the eCommerce platforms are also dynamic. And every time a page is generated, it consumes computing power on your server and this means the load time is increased.

By caching your pages, you only generate these once. And if the page has not changed, the web server will present the old page and not generate the page at every load. This saves a lot of processing and bandwidth in the long run. But the biggest advance is the you speed up your load time.

Improve Your Site Speed – Select Good Server

Finally the server that hosts your website also has a big factor in the overall speed of your website. For those who are beginners, the websites that are hosted on shared hosting will be having uneven speed. The reason being that the bandwidth that other websites will consume on your server directly affects performance of your website. The websites hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated server are always more reliable and faster. Also you you can use cloud based servers that offer faster site loads , OVH and Hetzner are two hosts that are recommended and which are popular among growing companies.