How to Test Uptime of a Web Hosting Firm?

How to Test Uptime

Test Uptime , Every website needs a web hosting service. You can get maximum ROI and great branding if your website live all time without any error or server down. There are many web hosting firms who claims to have 99.9% uptime of server, but only a few can really do it. Now the question is how to test uptime of a web hosting service provider to get uninterrupted service for your website? In this post I have provided some best methods to test. Hope you will find these tips useful for you and your website.

Need of efficient web hosting provider – Test Uptime

Suppose you have an attractive and awesome website built for your online business. But no one is able to see your site? You must be thinking that then what’s the feasibility behind having such type of website? It’s true that whatever may be your business motive and how well you have designed your website. It is worthless without an efficient web host.

Generally, there are two most common methods to check the uptime of your website, one is using desktop applications and the other is using other various online monitoring services. In this article we will guide you on how to check the uptime of your web host firm so as to avoid the downtime of your website.

Using Online Services For statistical data of uptime of website

There are various online services which provide you with a statistical data of the uptime of your website. No matter how old is your site. It will show you the time left for your website in months and in years as well.

However, the time duration to check uptime of your website by these service providers may differ as some check after every hour and some check it after every five or ten minutes. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a service, which performs this check at lower intervals of time.

Free Uptime Monitoring Service:

Stay in Touch with your Web Host

Contact them instead of relying on them. It happens sometimes that in order to keep you updated with your uptime. Your web host provides you with attractive figures. Instead of relying on them, it is always better to contact them and ask for the actual time frame used to calculate your uptime.

Some of the web hosts reset their service counter every time they experience a server outage. Therefore, always be attentive to remind them that you are concerned for the exact uptime availability of your website.

Ensure the Network Coverage as Well

Check network coverage of your web host .It happens sometimes that your web host may provide you with a guarantee of server coverage only. A website which is covered on the server doesn’t means that it will be accessible also at the time.

For this, proper network coverage is required. Without network, your website can’t be accessed by the users and you may remain in an under impression that your website is guaranteed with proper server coverage and thus, it might be performing well.

Use Desktop Monitoring Software to Test Uptime

Best way to check uptime of a website . Using this kind of software, you can set the time period of the uptime checking according to your needs and requirements. You can even set an interval of one minute by adding your web host’s URL to compare its uptime service. Always use current uptime data to compare the web hosting company for right uptime services.

Don’t Get Flaunted by Exciting Packages

Website uptime should be priority. There are some web hosts which provide cash values or credits attached to your account in case the server is down. Here you have to use your own mind that getting some cash or credit transferred to your account may not fulfill the loss which you will incur while your website is down. You may lose your important clients in that same time which can be very costly for you.


Hope all above tips to test uptime of your web host provider will help you to know about their services. Apply these tips on your hosting provider to decide about retaining or leaving their services for your website. Therefore, remember these points and be alert regarding the availability of your website. If you want to make your business produce some fruitful result for you, then it is very important for your website to be functional 7*24*365.

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