How to Name a Website

Name a Website

It’s not easy to decide on a website name and choosing a domain name. It can be very subjective because what one person thinks is a great name, may not be great in the long run. A website name like might sound catchy, If you are an online retail grocer, but when you find out the domain name is similar to a site which shows adult content. You’ll be sorry you didn’t put more planning into it.

Domain Name Ideas and Building an Online Web Presence

Once you pick a name try several variations of it to make sure your customers won’t be shocked if they make a mistake typing your domain. Securing a viable domain name is critical to establishing your business presence and identity online.

Sometimes turning to an expert who specializes in domain names is a good idea. Because branding, logos and taglines are so critical to your business image having a professional who can help you with this is often cost efficient in the long run. The up-front cost is high, but your business will benefit from the professional touch.

Capitalize on Easy to Remember Website Names

By far the most common website name ends in .com. In fact we see it so often that people naturally type It’s more confusing now as there are domain names such as .info, .tv, and .biz. It does makes sense to go with .com if you can.

One of the other better choices for a domain name is .net. If it’s important that your business be known by the country it’s in then, .fr, .eu, etc. may help your customers be reminded that you are a local business. Look at a web domain search and you’ll see just how many choices there are.

If you can’t think up a domain name, then try expired domain names . There are lot domain registrars sell expired domain names at a reduced cost. Namesilo marketplace is a great site to browse for ideas, plus you get to steal other people’s ideas.

Domain Name Availability Check

Trademarking Domain Names

Once you’ve decided on a domain name check it at to see if the name has been taken. If you find out that it has, it’s possible to check and see how well the name is doing. will give you all the statistics on the history of the domain, the traffic, and who owns the domain.

If you’ve decided to purchase a domain that is already owned. Check out the prices at places like Afternic, Sedo and BuyDomains. Don’t forget to do a legal search to check that the name you’ve chosen can be tradmarked.

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