How to Make a Website for Free

Make a Website for Free

Most of the people looking to start a website initially search for how to make a website for free because they do not want to spend money initially. This is perfectly understandable because many people are risk averse. And want to first see how things work in website building.

Why do you need your Own Website

Making a website is something that one can hardly stress more importance for. Your own website is an excellent platform to tell your own story. A website can feature your talent, passion in a lot better way than Twitter or Pinterest. And it also help you put forth your value and personality in front of general public.

Own website is also an idea way to promote yourself online and build your reputation and brand online. Website is similar to your online business card and people who come across your website will know your passion, talent and what you value. If you are looking for knowing how to make a website for free. Then the following main online services can help you achieve that.


Tumblr micro blogging

With Tumblr, which has been recently acquired by Yahoo. You can easily create a neat and simple website with an array of themes which you can choose.

One negative of Tumblr is that the display of your content on your website on Tumblr is not in your control. It is for those who are not very choosy about how their website appears and who just want a simple and easy to use set up.

With free website on Tumblr, you can become part of Tumblr community where different website owners can comment and interact with each other. For those who know people on Tumblr, this is a very nice feature. However, if you are not very pro for social community features offered by Tumblr. Then you should be looking at some other options. Tumblr also has an Android and iPhone for viewing and posting content.

Setting up free Website with Tumblr is VERY EASY and it is totally free. However, Tumblr will show advertisements on your website.

Weebly – free website builder

Weebly Website for Free

Weebly makes designing of a website perfectly easy by allowing users to make use of its drag and drop features for creating a website. As soon as you select a theme, a new website for you is ready.

With Weebly comes a nice balance of easy set up and easy customization to suit your requirement. This means you can create a site according to your like while at the same time totally remaining away from the technicalities involved in running a website.

It is free and it is also advertisement free which is rare for free services. Even with their free basic service, your website remains ad-free.

Weebly also has apps for both Android and iPhone.

It is easy to use and the basic service is totally free. You will pay only if you use advanced features offered by Weebly.


Jimdo Website

Jimdo is similar to Weebly and is also a very easy solution for creating your own website and managing it. The themes and customization features available in Jimdo are different than Weebly. But you can almost treat both the services as equal.

If you want to make a website for your small business. Then Jimdo makes it really easy to set up an e-commerce based website.

With Jimdo comes easy of use and the ability to makes sales on your website. JImdo business costs $15 per month.

Creating websites with Jimdo is easy. The basic version of the service is free and comes with planted advertisements from Jimdo. Additional e-commerce and other features cost a fee.

WordPress – Make a Website for Free

WordPress Website for Free

In fact majority of the websites of internet marketers and other professionals are powered by WordPress which provides very powerful blogging tools.

By creating your own free website on You do not have to worry about buying your own web hosting or web server. The free version of also comes with a huge list of free themes to choose from. It is also possible to get your own theme developed and uploaded on Which is the self-hosted version of WordPress. However, with this option comes complexity.

Creating a website with WordPress is not for total beginners because you need to learn wordpress first. However basics of WordPress can be learnt in a few days.

WordPress is loved by millions of webmasters for being the most powerful, customizable and versatile blogging and CMS platform which allows you to make your own website in a real way.

WordPress has apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

The complexity level of WordPress is from medium up to difficult for advanced features. Making a website on is free but if you need extra features, then they will charge a fee. You cal use our detailed tutorial for how to use WordPress.

There are also other simple website builders like Wix, Yola, etc.

These are some excellent options for how to make a website for free. But if you want to build a reliable and powerful website. Then we recommend you create your own self hosted WordPress website using your own domain and shared web hosting plan .

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