How to Guide Your Clients to Make Proper Use of Their CMS

Guide Your Clients to use CMS

Being a web developer the first question that you may hear from your clients, even without discussing the requirements, would be regarding the cost, and the second one would be about a promise that they need from you, that the site would get no: 1 position in Google for the keywords that they give. The last one would be whether they can change the content without your help.

Content Management Systems of Your Clients

The last question is easier to answer. There are many content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, MODx, Drupal, Magento, Squarespace etc… These content management systems (CMS) can be used for websites with several pages, for which you can find the necessary software that easily matches with the requirement and IT literacy of your client. Most of the developers choose a system they know, and update it according to the requirement of the client. It is a quite obvious.

Usually you get the CMS that you prefer, install it and integrate the plug-ins. Later you create a custom theme and add the initial contents of the clients.

May be a week later you notice that the client has changed a few inputs, which created some major changes in the formatting thereby deleting some very important information. You contact the client and fix the issues soon.

After that, in most of the cases, the process end there and the sites rarely get updated.

There are many factors behind this

• A good number of the clients will be busy with their own works that if they don’t actually trade online, most of them usually don’t update their websites.

• Most of the clients have moderate IT skills. If they are in not touch with a system regularly they may forget the training and won’t do any additions.

• There are many CMSs and most of them have really glorious interfaces. But they can be daunting at times as they may appear too much technical, with the use of many jargons.

People believe that they can add content, once the website is done, but don’t usually do it.

Does that really matter if the client doesn’t make a wise use of the CMS that you have provided? Yes. It means that you have sold something that can never meet their requirements. Very few clients understand their requirements well, but a professional web development agency can help them choosing the best option, and can recommend the most affordable solution.

Are your clients using their CMS, or are you doing it for them?

If you are unhappy with the way you have provided CMS for your clients make sure that you try your best in getting their exact requirements from your clients next time. You can ask them if they are genuinely interested in spending time for writing and updating the contents in their website. You can know their requirements and sell products accordingly, rather than giving something that they don’t use.