How to Choose the Perfect Blogging Topics

Perfect Blogging Topics

Perfect Blogging Topics: One question that every internet marketer and online entrepreneur has encountered is what to blog about? And this is a question you can not take lightly if you want to establish a successful online business because. If you make the wrong choice here, the whole foundation will be flawed. Before you choose a niche, you should address the broader questions that are related to it.

Since you will be creating blog with the focus of getting visitors to it, therefore, you should blog about something that people are interested in reading. Some of the things that people are in search for online are:

How to Choose Right Blogging Topics

Solutions – Almost everyone online is looking for some solution to a problem. Be it a research problem, a psychological problem, a health problem or any thing similar.

Therefore, one of knowing what to blog about is to target what people are looking for as answers and write about that and related blogging topics.

Inspiration – There are always people who are going through a difficult time and they are in need of some  motivation and inspiration to come over that phase in their life.

If you have gone through some tough times, you might blog about your journey and help people stay motivated in difficult times. It could be anything like financial hardships or job loss etc.

Learning – New skills are always evolving and there are some skills that you might be really good at yourself. Target the learning desire of people and write blog about what you are really good at. Share your tips and knowledge with your readers and help them in their quest for learning what you are an expert at.

Help in Reaching Goals – Everyone has some goals and always trying to achieve these goals. You can blog about some of your own goals and how you achieved those. These goals can be personal or professional. For example, if you have lost significant weight, then you can blog about fitness and weight loss.

Entertainment – All of us spend a lot of time online consuming entertaining posts and stories. Therefore, this is an evergreen topic for blogging.

But you have to offer something really unique to succeed because there is already an overload of entertainment from TV, newspapers and existing entertaining blogs and sites.

One successful tip could be to mix up your entertainment with some knowledge sharing. For example, if you are really great at having fish as pets, then you can blog about different aspects of fishing knowledge and not just that you have fish.

Blog Ideas

With these broad areas in mind, now we go further deep into exploring blog ideas for starting a blog of your own. Before you really start to blog, you should write down the following in the form of a list for brainstorming:

  • What are your passions
  • Your hobbies
  • Skills you are really good at
  • Education
  • Experiences in life

Next you can try to derive a list of topics you can blog about. For example, if you have a passion for cars, you can write it down. If you seriously do some gardening then it can also be a potential topic. Similarly, if you are really good at technical things, then it is another area to blog about.

All internet marketers recommend that it is a lot easier to blog about blogging topics something that you have interest in than what you are not passionate about.

However, the caveat here is to ensure that that passion has some other followers too. Because no body would read your blog if it is something weird that only you follow as a passion. The money comes from traffic and therefore, you should try your best to target a topic on which you have a potential audience.

For example, as a general rule, the topic should have more than 4000 monthly US searches.

When you should start ?

It might be a bit of a challenge to finally select a topic out of a list. However, this should not delay your efforts. You should start with the one that you are more inspired about and see if it works in a period of two to three months. Try to put yourself to work after you have shortlisted what to blog about.

No amount of market research can predict results accurately. So the only way to see if your blogging topic is worthwhile is to give it a try. Let the market determine if it was a good idea. But taking action is really important. Do not remain lost in brooding over what to blog about. Once you start, you can tweak your efforts and strategies if these do not produce results initially.

How many blog sites ?

One mistake that many newbies make is that they start more than one blog at a time. This really dilutes their energies. They are not able to focus their efforts on one blog and the result is that they create many average blogs. Had they focused on one blog, they would have been successful in creating one really authority and successful blog.

So target one topic and give your 100 percent efforts to that blog and you will see that you will start tasting success soon.

Try to focus on one blog for a period of around 2-3 months and by doing this, you will be able to draw a reasonable conclusion if the project was successful or not. If it does not come through, try to learn what mistakes you made, and start a new project with these lessons in mind.

Even the efforts you put in for these three months will not go waste. You could still sell that blog with content for some price.

I will highly recommend that you get to work as soon as you have shortlisted your topic. Try to write one article per day and see if people like your blog. You can know only by testing.

Other people can only give you pointers in the direction of what to blog about and Blogging Topics. In the end you are the best judge of your own strengths. Go by these, put in hard work and you should be able to see results very soon.

Do not keep paralyzed because of lack of decision. Time to act is now. Also read our post about common blogging mistakes .