How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting?

Best WordPress Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting , One of the largest used web blogging tool is WordPress. It is an open source blogging content management system based on PHP and MySQL. There are hundreds of thousands of WordPress hosting available on the Internet but many of them have not all the requirements that WordPress need. So, to get the right outcome, you must choose the right service.

WordPress works best when it gets the right environment i.e. a WordPress hosting which is rich in features and efficient in functionality. Finding the right WordPress host for your website can be a really difficult chore due to the large numbers of service providers available on the Internet.

How to choose the best WordPress hosting:

Hosting is one of the most important features in running your websites. There are 4 types of WordPress hosting available:

Before buying a hosting service, carefully examine your requirements and try to map them on the services provided by the chosen host. This practice can save you hundreds of dollars. Mentioned below is a detailed analysis of all 4 types of hosting to guide you about the services and requirements of each type, so that you can choose your web host easily.

Free WordPress Hosting:


  • Free of cost


  • Unprofessional because mostly someone is selling a portion of their website for money making purposes
  • Unreliable because the service provider can close down the host anytime without any prior notice
  • The hosting company will put ads and banners on your site in order to make money
  • 99% percent of the time people are not satisfied with these kinds of hosting services.

Shared WordPress Hosting:


  • It is affordable because it divide a larger server into a lot of sites, making it affordable for almost all users.
  • Unlimited resources


  • Usage restriction
  • The server can be loaded at times affecting overall  performance
  • Will be asked to upgrade account for better performance after a certain time limit

VPS hosting:


  • Privacy maintained for separate PCS
  • Some Control offered over the server
  • Can be configured to run softwares over the network


  • Technical knowledge about VPNs required to manage the site ( A managed VPS WordPress host can help in this case as it will manage all system upgrades for you)

Dedicated Server:


  • Full control over the server
  • Full-time system administrators for managing your server
  • Automatic software updating and monitoring etc.


  • Technical knowledge required to manage server (Otherwise managed dedicated server would help)
  • Large scale system therefore only websites with heavy traffic should use this type of WordPress hosts.