Developing a Website: Content is the king!

developing a website

During the process of developing a website, what is more important? Is it the content or design?

 Though the question is simple, the answer is more complex. According to popular opinion, while developing a website, it is the designing which takes precedence over the content. Normally web designers, provide an open & modular area for content. This space often integrates data.

 But this often leads to many unforeseen set backs. For example, when integrating a series of short testimonials into an already finalized layout of a shopping cart site. Then the prefixed layout becomes an issue if the content cannot be properly integrated.

Ideally, web experts recommend that design should go seamlessly in tune with the content. Hence, designers must have a thorough understanding of the content before beginning the design process for any website. Having content before hand helps the designer to get a better grip of the following crucial elements in designing

Important elements when developing a website

  • The number of navigational areas required in a given page
  • The width of the menu buttons
  • In co operating  visual designs that go well with the content
  • General length of the page in accordance with the amount of the content that will be displayed
  • The size & style of fonts depending on whether there are large images, titles, graphs, charts, maps,   etc in the content .
  • Provision for product links, ad hoc content, advertisements
  • Without knowing any of these elements, a web designer will be just designing the site with a blind guess from his experience.

Designs don’t matter, content does!

The visual designs attract users who visit a website. But the fact that whether they remain in the site or not is determined by the content. At the end of the day, a potential client comes to a website to get relevant information. But if the content is poor and not up to date, they will leave no matter how pretty the web design is …