7 Tips To Lower Bounce Rate of Your Blog

Lower Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to the proportion of visits to your website in which a person left your site from the entrance page or after viewing only one page. In short, it tells how many people who arrive at your website “bounce” out to another site.

There are lot of debate about what is “Ideal Bounce Rate“. Some say that ideal bounce rate is 0%, while others argue that any visitor doesn’t go to other pages just because the visitor found all the information needed on the landing page itself.

Well I personally feel that for a blog, particularly blogs showing excerpts on home page, should consider having lower bounce rate.

Tips To Lower Bounce Rate

bounce rate

1. Content is King

Well content will remain king, for almost anything  that is even remotely related to promotion of your blog. So your content should be :-

  • Original and worth reading.
  • Relevant to your niche.

Don’t attempt to stray on other niche, even if they are slightly related. You should also update your content regularly, and your content should provide complete information on the topic.

2. Looks Matter

You should give a thought to your website layout, it should be clean and good looking. So select a theme which you find suitable to your needs and is good looking as well. Visitors tend to stay on pages with good layout and thus help to lower bounce rate of your blog.

3. Proper Navigation

Having proper navigation simply means that a visitor should be able to get to any page of your blog with a single click or at-most 2 clicks. This could be done by having a menu bar at the top linking each page of your blog. Furthermore following things could also be done to make navigation to single posts of your blog easier for the visitor :-

  • Have Most Popular/Most Commented posts list in your sidebar.
  • Show Related posts below each of your posts.
  • Use interlinkings in your posts.
  • Place search box.

4. Improve Speed

How many seconds you wait for a webpage to load? Note here that I have asked seconds not even minutes!!! I think its very clear now, a visitor won’t wait for long to load your page. So if your blog loads up slowly, try to increase loading speed of your blog, because its costing you a lot.

5. Use Targeted Keywords

Using targeted keywords is necessary to lower bounce rate, irrelevant keywords might fetch you some traffic but it will end up bouncing all those visits. Well the whole idea is to have keywords that are relevant to your content, so if any visitor comes through that keyword should find some information related to that keyword.

6. Devise some Ways to Interact with users

It is also a good idea to engage your visitors in some sort of interaction with you or your blog. You can have some polls asking some interesting question in your niche. Alternatively you can also offer some subscriptions, newsletter through RSS feed. Running some sort of surveys is also a good idea to keep your readers engaged. This helps in lowering bounce rate, as visitors tend to come and see whats new on your blog.

7. Increase Readability of Visitors

No matter what you want on your blog, but it should in no way hamper readability of your visitor. Some of the things that you should avoid are :-

  • Text in link ads.
  • Pop Ups.
  • External Toolbar.

Do share some tips that you have to Lower Bounce Rate with us.

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