7 Tips on how to select a domain name

select domain name

Random selection isn’t the way to choose a good domain name. It is to be done with impressive idea and reason. There are some important things to check before choosing a domain name.

A typical and reasonable strategy is to use the name of your site name as the domain name. Like www.writerfind.com is a reasonable domain for a website where one can find essayists, or www.dictionary.com for a web-based word reference. At the point when the reason for the site is a piece of the URL, it makes it simple for clients to remember the site and access to the site.

In the event that the domain name is for an industry, you could imagine choosing a conventional name. Select a name that addresses 100% the market fragment, www.autoinsurance.com would address perfectly the vehicle insurance business.

Most picked domain extension was .com and next one is .net, If your site targeting global audience it’s better to select a domain with .com extension. If you’re targeting a country specific audience, you can go for a ccTLD (Country code top-level domain)  like .US, .IN

A short domain name is suggested over a long one only for simple memory. Anyway, a long domain name can contain more keywords, and this could be an advantage when indexing your site in web search engines. Research your choices cautiously.  Try to find a keyword friendly domain .

The basic standards are a domain name should not difficult to recall, simple to spell, and simple to read. As such, tongue twisters are out. It should be basic all in all.

Consider all advertising angles like brand review. Numerous beneficial ventures have a domain name that is the brand character of their business. Instances of effective brands are Hotmail, Google, eBay, and Amazon.

Important things to check

  • Choose domain that describe your site contents, keywords .
  • Try to select a domain name with a most popular domain extension like .com, if it has already taken by someone else, you can select a domain with .net extension.
  • If you’re targeting a local audience, it’s better to select a domain with your country ccTLD.
  • Avoid domains with well known trademarks or brand names .
  • Domain with English dictionary words will have advantage when appear in search engines .
  • It’s better to avoid domains with hyphen, numbers or special characters.
  • Only register your domains with reputed, trustable domain registrars .